Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Farming HvnlyRathalosScl - Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

I finally made my Soul Rathalos Z Armor. I have been farming HvnlyRathalosScl for a week without success. I have been killing a lot of G-rank Rathalos, from Rathalos to Azure to Silver. But with persistence, finally i get 2 HvnlyRathalosScl in single quest, woot!

I guess I'm really lucky to get 2 HvnlyRathalosScl in a single quest. How do I get it?
a. I get it from Rathalos (not Azure/Silver).
b. When Rathalos airborne, throw a Flash bomb. It will fall down and stunned. Look for shiny drop near the legs. There is 2% you will get HvnlyRathalosScl. That's how i get my first HvnlyRathalosScl.
c. Capture it when it start to limp/weaken. There is 4% you will get HvnlyRathalosScl. That's how i get my second HvnlyRathalosScl.

Ways to get HvnlyRathalosScl from Rathalos:
1. Reward from breaking head - 4%
2. Carve from tail - 2%
3. Capture - 2%
4. Drop from airbone using Flash bomb / awaken from sleeping - 2%

There you go, all the methods to farm HvnlyRathalosScl. Farming Rathalos is easier than Silver Rathalos. Azure Rathalos is not good as the drop rate is less compare to Rathalos/Silver Rathalos. I'm a proud owner of Soul Rathalos Z now. My next target is to get Diablos Z. Happy hunting.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Finally Reach HR9 in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

After 35 hours of gameplay in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, I’m now at HR9 (solo). This is not an easy task, but at last I have accomplished it. If you want to know about the key quests to advance from HR7-HR9, you can refer to my HR Guide here. However getting to HR9 is not a major accomplishment as long as I haven’t hunted all the monsters in the HR9. Monsters like Rajang, Gravios, Diablos, Elder Dragons and Fatalis will be next in my list. All these monsters will get my end game weapons.

Surprisingly I’m still wearing my Monster Hunter Freedom 2 Akantor armor which only gives me 501 defense. This is a weak armor in standard of G-level quest. Armor like Kut-Ku Mail X with fully upgraded will have better defense than Akantor Armor. The reason I’m still using it is due to it’s skills. Artisan, Expert and Earplug are just too good. This is just to prove that you can still wear your Monster Hunter Freedom 2 armor for reaching HR9. I’m planning to get Rathalos Soul Z armor but I’m still haven’t get one of a material which is HvnlyRathalosScl. This material is equivalent to Rathalos Ruby but for G-level quest. HvnlyRathalosScl is extremely hard to get with 2-4% drop rate.

To get to HR9, you need to have the strongest weapon available at your level. I’m a Hammer hunter, therefore the strongest weapon available at this time Juggernaut. It’s extremely powerful raw damage hammer and easy to made. You can refer to my guide on how to create Juggernaut. Get this hammer easy in the game to make your hunting easier (if you are hammer hunter).

Hope this will provide motivation for you to solo and reach HR9 soon. Happy hunting.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite HR Guide

HR means Hunter Rank. HR Quest is initiated from Gathering Hall. You can start the quest either offline or online. In online mode, up to 4 players can take the quest. You need to level up your HR in order to fight stronger monster. Stronger monster provide materials needed to make end game weapon and armor. In Monster Hunter Freedom 2, highest HR is HR6 while in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, highest HR is HR9.

Below are the key quests to advance from HR7-HR9:
HR7 key quests
Quest 12: Daimyo of Sengoku Fame (Plum D.Hermitaur)
Quest 14: Old Jungle Lightning (Khezu)
Quest 17: Eyes in the Underground Lake (Plesioth)
Quest 20: Pelagus Pride (Emerald Congalala)
Quest 23: Old Swamp, Shrouded in Mist (2 Purple Gypceros)
Urgent Quest: Ever-Present Shadow (Nargacuga)

HR8 key quests
Quest 6: Lavasioth Sighting! (Lavasioth)
Quest 11: Under the Gaze of Heaven (Shogun Ceanataur & Terra S.Ceanataur)
Quest 13: A King, Robed in Smoke (Rathalos)
Quest 15: Her Eternal Majesty (Rathian)
Quest 21: Wild Monk of the Dunes (Copper Blangonga)
Urgent Quest: The Floating Dragon (Yama Tsukami)

Congratulations, at this point you are HR9 now. Enjoy fighting HR9 monster that will make you wanna cry.

Juggernaut Hammer Guide - Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

In Monster Hunter Freedom 2, Onslaught Hammer is a favorite hammer due to its high raw damage and easy to made. In Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Juggernaut is an upgrade version of Onslaught Hammer. Below is the path of creating Juggernaut:

Weapon Path:
War Hammer --> War Hammer+ --> War Mace --> Iron Striker --> Iron Striker+ --> Anvil Hammer --> Onslaught Hammer --> Blacksmith --> Juggernaut

Weapon Description and Materials required to made:
Attack: 1196
Sharpness: White
Rarity: 9
Slots: 2
Affinity: 0%
Materials: Eltanite Ore, Carbalite Ore, Emperor Cricket

Attack: 1404
Sharpness: White
Rarity: 9
Slots: 2
Affinity: 0%
Materials: Mellanje Ore, RobustWyvernBone, PhantomButterfly

Where to find materials:
Eltanite Ore: Pokke Farm Mining Point+4
Carbalite Ore: Pokke Farm Mining Point+3/4
Emperor Cricket: Pokke Farm Insect Thicket+4 point, Bug Tree using Black/Gold Cat Hammer
Mellanje Ore: Pokke Farm Mining Point+4, Mining in G-level quest
RobustWyvernBone: G-level Velociprey
PhantomButterfly: Pokke Farm Insect Thicket+4 point, Bug Tree using Gold Cat Hammer
Piercing Claw: G-level Conga/Hermitaur

For Hunter using hammer, Juggernaut is a must to have for early stages. I believe when you first try to solo G-level quest, you feel your weapon is underpower. Previously you need 10 mins to kill, now required 15-20 mins to kill. Therefore Juggernaut will definitely help to hunt in early stages while building your most powerful weapon later.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Love Your Felyne Comrade - Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

One biggest welcome to Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is you get to hunt with a Felyne as your companion. They are refer to as Felyne Comrade. You get to choose your Felyne characteristic, some like to use bomb and some like to use weapon. For me, I use them mainly for buffer (add attack and defense with flute skill). This way, I get to boost my attack and defense for free. You need to grow their fondness level to make them more frequently activate their skills. You start with fondness level 2 and maximum is 5. If the fondness is at low level, your Felyne will frequently sit in the battlefield and do nothing. You can cancel this by kicking them and get them to work again.

In Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Felyne can attack monster, set trap, paralyze monster, throw bomb and cover your ears when monster scream (cool). Your Felyne Comrade acts as a good dummy for distracting monster focus. When monster attack your Felyne, use this opportunity to heal yourself, set trap or attack the monster. Your Felyne never dies. When their health reach zero, they will dig underground and recover themselves. After awhile, they will come back to your. You can minimize this downtime with enhancing their armor, reduce their recovery time underground or better block ability.

Your Felyne can help you gather item on the battlefield. They can’t carve item from dead monster, but they can do mining and gathering materials. There is a skill that they can learn to just focus on attacking instead of gathering item. Therefore they main purpose is to hurt monster. Lastly they are just too adorable not to take them around for hunting. They serve as a loyal companion no matter what situation you are in.

My First 10 Hours in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

After playing Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for 10 hours, I would say the expansion is fun. Previously I have completed all my quests in Monster Hunter Freedom 2. With Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, they added a few more quests for some category like Village Quest 3-5 stars, One exciting thing about hunting now is you can take up Epic quest. Epic quest is where you will fight monster after monster, one after another, in a single quest. Example you will fight Yian Kut-ku, follow by Hypnocatrice, finally Yian Garuga. For hardcore hunter, this is a real test for their hunting skill.

I have killed both Hypnocatrice and Nargacuga from Village Felyne Quest. Hypnocatrice attack is similar to Yian Kut-ku, but it spew Sleeping Gas Ball. Hypnocatrice consecutive 4 Flying Kick is a killer, but quite easy to dodge as long as you roll to his side. Overall Hypnocatrice is easy to kill. Next is Nargacuga, the feature monster in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. This monster is a pain in the ass. During my first run, I get hit a lot by his Tail Whip. His movement is fast and likes to move around. Some of his attacks are similar to Tigrex. My overall strategy for Nargacuga is to stay near his hind legs where his Tail Whip cannot hit me.

Now the interesting part, you get to do G-Level Quests. In Monster Hunter Freedom 2, G Rank Quest now call High Rank Quest in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. I can tell you, G-Level quest is a lot harder compare to High Rank Quest. The monster now has more health, higher defense and higher attack. Also they get some new attack that is deadly. After playing G-Level Quest, I feel High Rank Quest is so much easier now. Since G-Level Quest is twice harder than the old G-Rank Quest, I wonder if G-Level Quest can be done solo.

Pokke Farm - Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Capcom did a great job for enhancing the hunting experience in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. First thing I notice is doing Pokke farming is a lot easier now. Capcom had removed a lot of repetition gathering into a single gathering. Example is gathering Honey. With one gathering, you can collect 5-8 Honey, sweet. Any excessive item that you gather, if your inventory is full, you have the option to send your item directly to your item box. Therefore you do not need to discard your item during gathering.

In Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, you get 2 new renovations: Mining Point+4 and Insect Thicket+4. You need to get these 2 renovation to get your new high grade weapon and armors. The new mining point will get you Eltanite Ore and Mellanje Ore. With new insect thicket point, you will get Emperor Cricket and PhantomButterfly. These new items are vital for creating Blacksmith and Juggernaut Hammer.